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Equine Hanna Somatics

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

“I feel great after my EHS session with Trish.”

I participated in Equine Hanna Somatics® Professional Training Program, Modual One, in April. I wanted to take this course for five or six years, though have been unable to do so. Thanks to Covid-19, Zoom came to the rescue and allowed me to finally participate!!

It was a long week chock a block full of information. We had twenty participants from around the world. We learned how the brain functions to make the muscles move, and which parts of the brain send which messages. We learned how very simple and gentle movements can provide huge amounts of relief from limited mobility and discomfort.

The best part of all of this is the horses genuinely LOVE the work!

At the beginning of D’s second session, she shows me how happy she is to work with me, again.

The next best part is there are results right away! Thought that would grab the attention of those who are all about instant gratification.

This work is able to be performed with all vertebrates. If your BFF is a bird, dogs, cats, horses, humans,… all will benefit .

I was first introduced to Hanna Somatics at the Ride For Life Dressage show held in Upper Marlboro, MD by Ryan Moschell who is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator for humans. (see previous blog all about him and his business, Get Out of Shape,, based in Annapolis, MD.) I have worked extensively with Ryan over the past few years. He has encouraged me to become part of the Equine Hanna Somatics (EHS) community since the first day we met.

Hanna Somatics was created by Thomas Hanna in 1976. Unfortunately he died early in his life in 1990. His widow, Eleanor Criswell Hanna adapted the work her husband created to horses and dogs.

EHS retrains the neuromuscular (mind-body) experience of most chronic muscular pain. EHS teaches the brain to relax re-gaining awareness and motor control of the body’s muscles. Muscles that receive information from the motor cortex can be properly used again, allowing for more muscle comfort and relaxing of the nerves. All of this means horses enjoy life much more. Horses and owners who may have lost hope with chronic issues, may now have hope of recovery.

There are many movements one can practice and educate your horse without having the official training. There is a video available for purchase that demonstrates how to perform the work with your horse. On the EHS website there is a listing of educators throughout the world along with what level each is – student (year one, two or certified).

I am very excited to be on the path to becoming certified. Thanks to the hard work of Eleanor Criswell Hanna and those associtaed with the Novato Institute and Zoom, it can happen!

This is the tip of the iceberg of information. To learn more, please contact me directly, visit

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