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EHS® Clinics

Trish Hechter is available for clinics to educate equestrians how to teach their horses Equine Hanna Somatics®.


The first part of the morning session will begin with an introduction to Hanna Somatic® movements with the humans.  I like to have the human participants experience what the horse will be feeling as he is asked to participate in EHS movements. 

I suggest yoga mats or some type of cushion between hands and knees and the ground are to be used.  Please wear clothing that is loose fitting and nonrestrictive.


The second portion of the morning is for the horses.  If your horse does not stand quietly without being tied in any way, please bring a handler.  No treats are to be fed during the sessions. 


 After an equine introduction; we will begin our work.  Using a demonstration horse, I will show how to perform each of the movements, prior to the group learning the exercise with their own horse.  


We will break for a one hour lunch.


When we return there will be a short question and answer period to discuss the morning's work, prior to continuing our afternoon session of EHS with the horses.


During the afternoon Q & A period, I will demonstrate specific EHS work to perform if your horse has a gas colic episode, and to assist a horse who has laminitis or foundered.  


Access to a covered area is ideal, lessening potential weather related issues.


It will be lovely to have a demonstration horse and handler provided for me.


My gift for the host of the clinic is a 45 minute session working with the Cat Stretch Series from Thomas Hanna's book Somatics. This is a fabulous set of movements to lengthen and strength the posture of the human body.

Clinic Schedule

Auditors who wish to participate with the Human Hanna Somatics® portion of the clinic are invited to do so.  Please bring a yoga mat or blanket for cushion.  Please wear comfortable clothing. $75.00

Auditors who do not participate in the

clinic in any way. $30.00

Full day option @ $250 per horse/human partnership, with a minimum of 3.


9 am                    The clinic opens


9:15  - 10:00 am   An Introduction to                                Hanna Somatics for                                Humans


10:15 am-12:15     Equine Hanna                                          Somatics - Part 1


12:15 - 1:15 pm     Lunch


1:15 pm - 4 pm   Equine Hanna                                          Somatics, Part 2


Half day option @$150 per horse/human partnership, with a minimum of 4.


9 am             Hanna Somatics for                                Humans

10:15-12:15     Equine Hanna Somatics

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