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I have been using Equine Hanna Somatics with the help of Trish Hechter for the last 6 months. The results that I see in working with my horse is amazing. I do dressage with him and his cadence has improved immensely. It’s so interesting to watch his body change when you’re doing each movement with him on each step of the Equine Hanna Somatics starting with the initial leg lifts. I’m so grateful to Trish for introducing me to this wonderful way of working with my horse.
-Michele Marrin
When your horse is on stall rest for many months, you’ll do anything to relieve their physical and mental anxiety. It’s a very long haul.Some horses handle it well, some not so much. At best, there are good days and bad.So when my friend Trish suggested I might try flower essences during his rehabilitation, I was ready to try.As I learned, flower essences are individualized to specific needs and are based on a healing vibrational energy that horses respond well to. There are many options to choose from and can be customized to your indiviaul horses needs. My horse loved them and I noticeed subtle differences in his ability to handle the stall rest in a peaceful and accepting manner. I'm so grateful for all the support I've received for him from all my dear friends and thank Trish for showing me one more tool in the toolbox.
All the best,
Carolyn TenEyck, Wellington, Florida
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My boy Starbuck and I started our relationship together in 2012 when I bought him as a yearling and began our journey into Classical Horsemanship.  Starbuck excels at the desire to participate and please, all while soaking up as much attention as he can get (and he definitely gets a lot of attention).  Our training and work is light to modest as our goal is simply to have an enjoyable, relaxing, and harmonious partnership - built on trust, respect, and the desire to explore what life has in store for us together.


Starbuck and I began working with Trish regularly in October 2021, in an effort to simply enforce and maintain a healthy and happy body.  Being a Gypsy Vanner, Starbuck may be shorter in height and length than other draft breeds but he is still built with a powerful, compact, and dense muscle structure. Starbuck immediately enjoyed the Somatic work Trish applied to assist in helping himself be able to release and relax those muscle structures that were tight, which increased his mobility and thus his enthusiasm to demonstrate his abilities.  He particularly enjoys the waves of energy of a low-frequency tuning fork penetrating his dense muscles.  While Trish works, her actions can appear minor but the results are immediate and significant. Starbuck is very expressive in his guidance, his pleasure, and his gratitude.

Trish's skill not only applies to the physical, but also to the mental well-being.  Aside from “feeling better” physically, Trish was able to help both Starbuck and me balance and lessen stressors from 2022 stemming from multiple life changes, loss, and other circumstances. Starbuck absorbed all of these stressors which led to depression and weight-gain.  Trish's skill with Reiki helped reverse his decline into depression.  Reiki, along with her Somatic work, quickly helped revitalize him and bring the deep blue color back to his eyes that had turned gray.  My boy is happy, full of energy, his extremely outgoing personality is restored, his willingness and desire to participate is more prominent than ever, and the spark is back in his eyes.  Starbuck is a happy, fortunate, and spoiled (but not rotten) Gypsy Vanner!



-Steve Gorospe

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I had the good fortune to learn about Trish and EHS through a friend.  I was currently using a similar program to enhance my own proprioception with good results, and when I learned there was a technique designed for horses, I was eager to give it a try,

Trish has been working with my horse for five months now, and his balance and awareness of where he puts his feet have improved remarkably.  I love to watch the sessions, because I find Trish acutely aware of the horse and able to read what he needs, and he exhibits overt signs of relaxation and processing.  He is both engaged and curious. It is amazing to see how he adjusts his stance himself during a session.  

Trish teaches the horse owner some of the basic work so that progress can continue between sessions.  I really enjoy this interaction with my horse and feel as though it also contributes to not only his proprioception and comfort but also to our bond.


Susan Sughrue

"My horse Fritz has been working with Trish for a number of months and I am so pleased with the results. I have been a fan of Somatics for myself personally and practice at home. When I learned about EHS I jumped at the chance to provide Fritz with this method of neuromuscular movement and education. He is 20 years old and feeling more energetic and looking better than ever! Trish is very aware of his different needs at each session and addresses them accordingly. Fritz is happy so I am thrilled!Thanks Trish!”-Liz B.

My experience with Equine Hanna Somatics

I have owned several horses over the course of 45+ years.  During that time, I have ridden Hunters, XC and Dressage. I was very fortunate to spend nearly a year in Europe at an Olympic Medal barn, as a working student, earning my BHS certificates and even bring home a very special horse from that trip.  Fast forward 20 years later, I still have that very special horse. Not only does he have excellent bloodlines, but he never had a serious injury or illness all that time.  I did have coaching on and off during these 20 years, but life took over, and there were times I just rode and rode for fun and exercise. 

So, without regular coaching,  bad riding habits were created, and these transferred to creating physical issues for this horse. Structurally, his shape was off.  He was very narrow in the chest from the front view. He was over in the knee on the left. His body hung from his spine like a “tent” with a “pregnant" looking belly. He was dragging his back left toe and I could see the track in in the sand when I rode in the ring.  I did have veterinarian care all this time, access to horse massage treatments, acupuncture and more.  

Fast forward to my introduction to Equine Hanna Somatics® [EHS].  Trish Hechter is located in my area and discussed with me what EHS was about.  Only somewhat understanding this mobility of Somatics, I began with a session and was quite surprised to see a very gentle process that gave some immediate visual results for me, and obvious comfort for my horse. I continued sessions and over time I saw quite a physical transformation of my horse.  The “over the knee” disappeared. He stands straight on both front legs and has been this way for 2 years. His chest depth has changed. Muscles have developed [ or popped out] across his shoulder that were not there before. His body no longer “hangs’ from his spine like a tent. There is new muscle across his topline and hindquarters. His neck has developed a different structure and he can use it differently---for the better ---under saddle. He has veins that pop out after a ride [chest, neck, gaskins], that did not do that before…..his stride is long, powerful, no dragging of any toes, and he can easily bring his frame together, do a stunning canter depart and be light in self carriage ---effortlessly. 

This horse has benefitted from steady consistent sessions with Trish. From the simple “pickups” that I can do daily, to the gluteal and thoracic sling deep muscle release work that Trish does, his coat is a glossy black, often dappled, and is demeanor is happy, content, ready to work, and able to work.  I just checked his registration papers to confirm his age of 24 years.  In 4 more years, his age and mine will allow us to compete for the “Century Club”. I am convinced, beyond any doubt, that the EHS work Trish has done, along with her other combined natural treatments, have brought my horse to the wonderful condition and health he now enjoys.  As he and I commence our training with a pro for the Century Club goal, I am certain he will be highly competitive and a joy to watch perform.  Stay tuned!!


E. Johnson

In the Spring of 2021, I began a journey with my 12 year old, TB, Sonny.  My hope was to begin a partnership that included some dressage and trail riding.  


I had been out of the saddle for over 11 years. Sonny was coming off of a long layup after competing in three day eventing through Preliminary. Previous to that, Sonny ran on the track until the age of 7. 

Needless to say, his years of hard work resulted in both physical and emotional patterns that were impeding on his performance.   When we were first coming back into work, I noticed a shortening of the stride both in the front end and in the hind. 


Sonny began mobility work with Trish Hechter  a few weeks after his arrival with me. Each time Trish worked with Sonny, I noticed a greater range of motion and more rhythmic gaits. We decided  that Sonny would benefit from mobility work every two weeks for a couple of months. 


After each session, Sonny’s soundness, willingness to work and gaits improved exponentially.  After about three months, we moved Sonny to monthly maintenance with Trish. Again, after each visit I had a happy, willing partner.  

For several months, I continued to condition Sonny with hills, some arena days and mobility work. 


Fast forward to June 2022, we were back in the show ring. Sonny and I completed in our first recognized Dressage Competition, at the annual PVDA Ride for Life. 

Juliet Sosebee, L.Ac., M.Ac.

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