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Equine Hanna Somatics Education®

Equine Hanna Somatics® Educators use a series of gentle movements asking the horse to shift from the cerebellum to use their (voluntary) motor cortex, in the brain, to change their body to a more comfortable posture.  The cerebellum holds patterns of voluntary habit.  The motor cortex, allow changes in movement to become "the new habit".


These movements are very simple and gentle, performed at a slow pace and repeated three times before moving to the next place in the body or limb. The purpose is to improve the posture of the animal – canine, equine or human after reducing tension, limited mobility, and discomfort.  

This process allows the horse to let go of contractions and co-contractions in his body that create Motor Sensory Amnesia.  This is literally the brain forgetting how to move a muscle in a lengthened relaxed state.  Due to the chronically contracted muscles, strength is lost in that portion of the body.

With these movements, the body can readjust and re-set immediately. Educating the horse using EHS®, many of the difficulties the horse may experience with behavior, uneven movement, inability to pick up canter leads, spooking, and much more can be greatly reduced and potentially eliminated in the first session.

We can add comfortable and healthy years of mobility with Equine Hanna Somatics as part of their lives.

Merlin cranio hold.JPG

Craniosacral Energy Therapy

The skull is made up of 26 individual plates of bone – These are joined together by sutures, which act like joints between the cranial bones, and are designed to help disperse the energy from an impact to the skull. Craniosacral work focuses on restoring balance throughout this structure and the rest of the body. Horses can be ridden between 24 and 72 hours depending upon what we do with him.  Generally the horse is "good to go" in 24 hours.  If he has a Craniosacral  Energy Therapy session, he will require 72 hours to integrate the work that was done with his nervous system.
When the bones in the head are out of balance the eyes and nostrils often will appear out of alignment. This process is used to connect the corrections made to the cranial bones to the rest of the body. I begin with moving my hands over the Chinese Meridian for the Bladder, then I use various hand placements on the skull. I finish the process by pulling the energy from the head to the shoulders, then to the sacral region of the body.
I am demonstrating on Merlin above, I work with dogs and people using this technique, as well.



Through an unknown mechanism, when a Reiki practitioner places their hands - mindfully and with detachment - it evokes the healing response from deep within the body.


“Energy medicine employs diverse methods to modify and manipulate the flow of energy within the body. The intent is to realign, replenish or stabilize the amount and the quality of energy within the human body.”


Reiki promotes a general relaxation in the body increasing a sense of well being.


The practice has no known negative side effects, and has been shown by various studies, that pass evidentiary muster, to help clients in a variety of ways when used as a complementary practice.

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Tuning Forks and Tibetan Singing Bowl

The body is made up of energetic responses creating vibrations. The forks and bowl help align and balance the vibrations within a body.
Sound and Vibrational Healing has been shown effective in not only relaxing and balancing the body as a whole, but in increasing and speeding the healing of many injuries, diseases and illnesses.


The forks I use work deep in the physical body assisting the removal of inflammation from joints and muscles, using vibration to open blockages in the body.

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Essential Oil Therapy

In addition to the spectrum of therapeutic techniques, I may utilize and tailor a regimen of Essential Oils for your horse. Essential oils are very successfully used for situations such as: anxiety when the schedule or routine changes, tight muscles, injuries, building confidence and many more.


100% natural does not mean 100% safe! It’s a common misconception that all natural ingredients are always safe, always gentle and never cause reactions. This is not true. Many natural substances are highly toxic and irritating. Certain plants are deadly if ingested, some are irritating to the skin and some have psychotropic properties that are unsafe for animals. Some plants are safe only in very small doses. I use Kristen Leigh Bell’s book Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals as my go to reference book.


While many commercial products have co-opted the term “aromatherapy,” to mean any scented product. I use carefully selected and blended pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils to address specific physical and behavioral issues in horses, dogs,

cats and humans. 


Depending on your horse’s needs, I will be happy to determine whether Essential Oils can be a useful part of his path to a freer, healthier, happier life.

Daisy in Ballast shadow.jpg

The Process 

If you are in my service area, I will visit your barn/home, or you can bring your horse to me. I have an office in St. Michaels where I work with humans, cats and dogs. 


I strongly encourage the animal's guardian to be present for the session. I want you to share in the learning and experience the bonding that occurs during our session with your animal. I ask you to perform exercises between our scheduled sessions to achieve and maintain the mobility we are creating with your horse,

yourself, dog or cat.

Work with the body affects the nervous system. Although there is no strong pressure or manipulation going on, some may not be able to tolerate more than 10-15 minutes initially.

We have to respect this sensitivity and be sure we are not creating a negative experience, lessening the chances of the therapy being effective within a reasonable period of time.


Generally, horses can be ridden 24 hours after the session.


Timing and frequency of sessions will vary according to each horse’s issues and progress.


Canine Hanna Somatics Education®

Coming soon...

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