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Baron Slew


Baron Slew at Pimlico Racecourse for the 2013 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover

I am very grateful to have had such a generous and giving little horse.  I thank Graham Motion and Sue Kenny of Herringswell Stables at the Fair Hill Training Center.

Unfortunately this post is an eulogy for my Brown Bare, Baron Slew.  We had to say “Good-bye” to him Monday 12 November 2018.  The day before he asked me to make it possible for him to go be with his girl, Vera.  (Vera was my fabulous gray mare who went to heaven two years ago.)

Baron has been imortalized by my talented friend Eileen Johnson, Tempi Design.  She made pendants, belt buckles and medallions on Nantucket handbags to assist in raising money for Baron to participate in the 2013 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover.


Baron had one of the best personalities a horse can have.  He was almost always happy.  He was a joker and would flap his lips while tilting his head to make someone laugh.  And hopefully to get a treat.

He was wonderful with children.

Baron, Charlie@Pimlico

At the Makeover, three year old Charlie Croll rode him as part of our demonstration.


He was prepped by Liza Fassbach in 2013 who was, also, three years old.  This photo is from 2014 when she was six.


Sarah Brooks sits on Baron as one of the first horses she ever sat on.

He helped Emily Brooks – Sarah’s sister – learn how to do equine yoga and somatic exercises.


He loved going for trail rides and participating in Paper Chases.

Tad on Baron 2

In 2014 Tad Coffin rode him in a demonstration about his fabulous saddles.

When Baron Slew first arrived back in Maryland he was in very bad shape.  He was extremely thin and weak.  He went to Graham’s lay-up barn run by Fenella O’Flynn.  It was beneficial that she galloped Baron when he was previously part of the Herringswell racing stable as a late two and three year old;  remembering Finella made the transition easier.  Baron remained with Finella for two weeks as he became a bit stronger under her care.

Baron Slew a

Baron Slew after a couple of days rest from his long trip from South Dakota to Maryland.

I am extremely pleased I was able to offer him a safe place to land for the next five and a half years.  Unfortunately, he had several soundness issues that we could not overcome.  The largest issue was his feet.  He had extremely thin, 3mm, and soft soles.  The past year his feet became worse.  Working diligently  with my farrier and vet, there were a few times we thought we were winning.  Sadly these times did not last.

Throughout his short time with me, he loved all the body work I did with him.  It allowed him the ability to derive some comfort through his body while his feet were so uncomfortable.  I firmly believe he would not have been with me this amount of time if I had not worked with him using all the tools he assisted me in learning.

I will miss Brown Bare, Barry, Baron, Baron Slew for many years.  As I miss the others who came before him.  They all teach me many things.  I am extremely grateful to all of them.


Trish bringing two of her OTTB’s (Ballast and Baron Slew) in for breakfast.

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