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Get Out Of Shape

Ryan Moschell is a Hanna Somatic Movement Educator based in Annapolis, Maryland. His business Get Out of Shape refers to moving the body out of the shape it has become accustomed to from day to day life and/or injury. He offers in person work, online personal appointments, and online classes. I have been privileged to participate in his weekly class since March 2020.

I first met Ryan at the PVDA Ride For Life Dressage Show held in 2015. He was set up as an exhibitor on the trade show floor of the Prince George’s county Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, MD. I have been a huge fan ever since.

When the pandemic caused major caos in most people’s lives, Ryan decided to assist anyone interested, a way through. He created Zoom classes three days a week at no charge for three months. They were a life saver for me, and a number of others.

I asked Ryan, my good friend, to provide me with detailed information about Hanna Somatics and how the movements can assist horses for my blog on this website. We agreed a good place to begin is with the rider.

(For full disclosure, I recently completed the Equine Hanna Somatic level 1 training, and intend to complete the three year course to become a certified equine movement educator in 2023. I am currently working with horses and am thrilled and excited with the results. More to follow in a different posting.)

In 2016 he wrote an article for Dressage Today magazine explaining how Hanna Somatic Movement can improve a rider’s mobility and ability to connect with their horse at every level of riding. Below is the article.

From Dressage Today 2016

To read more about equestriennes who use Hanna Somatics please visit

Contact: Web – E-Mail – Phone – 410-703-6956International Dialing Codes YouTube – Ryan Moschell Address – 107 Ridgely Ave., #14C, Annapolis, MD 21401 Days: M, Tu, Th, Fri, Sat

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