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Distance Reiki

Reiki energy can be sent anywhere in the world and be fully effective and as powerful as when received in person.  This means there is no excuse for everyone who wants to relax not to be able to and allow their body to release pent up tension.

Wonderful things happen within the body (human, canine, feline, equine,…) when it is not so tight a tick cannot get a grip.  I apologize ticks are on my mind due to the time of year and lack of a true winter season coming into spring 2020, here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  When your body is without tension, it has the ability to have a healthier immune system.

One may ask how in the world does this work?

Excellent question, I will explain how I work with my (human) clients.

An appointment is set and the address of the location where you are going to be during the appointment is sent to me

I phone at the beginning of the appointment,  we chat for a few minutes to determine what if any additional work is to be added to the Reiki session.  Sometimes there is a bit of breath work to begin the session creating a space for the Reiki energy to be allowed into the body; assisting you to be centered and grounded.  You get in a comfortable position, lying down or sitting.  Some people enjoy listening to meditation music, Tibetan Bowls, Chanting, anything you find relaxing and will allow you to truly slow down.  Hence, no hard rock or fast paced music.

Mr. Foxxy

I use a surrogate in place of the physical body of the receiver.  Mr. Foxxy is wonderful for me to use, he has great energy and loves the attention.  He has arms, “hands”, legs and “feet” making it easy to work with the entire body.

Each session lasts between 40 and 60 minutes.  The length is dependant upon how much the body desires on any given day.

I am a facilitator, the receiving body is the healer.

At the end of the session, I allow the receiver to have a few minutes to adjust to the end of the energy stream, then I phone to discuss the experience.

What does each person feel and experience?

Each person has thier own experience.  For those who have never experienced Reiki previously may think they did not receive anything.  I ask them to live with the experience for a few days and I check back after a couple of days.  Often we do not know what to feel, we work hard at finding something and feel nothing and think the Reiki did not work.  Not true.  Sometimes we do not know how to put into words or how to be in touch with our body awareness to know what may have shifted.  Generally after a couple of days the shifts will show up in a recognizable way.  I suggest to new people to have three Reiki sessions over three weeks or so, before determining it is not for you.  Reiki is not for everyone. And that is perfectly alright.

The most common reaction is a sense of relaxation through the entire body.  The mind may still have chattered the entire session; discomfort may still be present in the body.  This is not a cure all, simply an opportunity to allow the body to relax in a different way.

Over time one may have some amazing shifts.  Sometimes the body will be able to communicate what the niggling hitch is about, or allow a sickness to come to the foreground to be treated by a medical doctor.

I am NOT a doctor, I am not a medical person pof any kind at all.  I do NOT diagnose anything.

A well written article about Reiki appeared in The Atlantic, April 2020 issue, Master Reiki, Attained!

The really great news is this work can be done from a distance; that is correct I do not have to be touching you, not even in the same room, much less the same city!

For more information and to set an appointment please send an email to

Thank you.

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