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Brilliance in Motion


My goal is to assist horses, canines and their humans to live a more relaxed, happy and comfortable life, full of mobility. 


Experience has shown that bodies respond to different modalities of healing at different times. 


While the results can be very powerful, exciting and rewarding, it is the one with whom I am working, who is doing the work. 

When movements are used, they are gentle and simple with complex results, the finishing of each movement is done at a very slow pace allowing the brain and neuromuscular system to reprogram and release the stuck muscle contractions. The amount of time taken is always dictated by the body, not by me.


Equine Hanna Somatics Education®

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Published Works

An Introduction to Equine Hanna Somatics®

I am very happy to share an article I wrote for Elite Equestrian Magazine in their May/June 2022 issue.

Equine Hanna Somatics® Part 2

As a follow up to the May/June issue introducing Equine Hanna Somatics®(EHS), the July/August 2022 article offers a second movement you can do with your horse.

Equine Hanna Somatics® Part 3

Kinetic Mirroring of the Rib Cage

Equine Hanna


Equine Hanna
Abduction and Adduction of the Limbs

Equine Hanna Somatics®Part 4

Flexion and Extension of The Tail

Equine Hanna Somatics®
Retraction & Protraction of All Four Limbs of The Horse

Dentistry and Your Horse

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